Style, sustainability, adventure & luxurious quality. Made wearable by CANISBERG. Our products are representing the free and undetermined life for you, which we are catching, and conserving in accessories. To do so, we place the highest demands on our products in order to satisfy you completely. Carefully selected materials, producers and supporters are assuring our high quality standards. At the same time, we organize the production chain starting with the design, production right up to the shipping with maximum efficiency. Therefore, we are able to offer high quality and longevity for a fair price, which is yet to find a contestant.

Our generation is free and able to experience adventures without borders. We only need to be a little brave and we are borderless. We are taking one’s heart, travel the world, meet other people, party all night and we see cities, seas and woods. We conservate this feeling of freedom together. Our products keep the adventures of these life philosophies and serve us as inspirations everywhere. CANISBERG creates various accessories, which are capturing the diversity of our possibilities, and the adventures connected to it. As wild wolves from the genus Canis show us, we have the possibility to explore every place, every country and every continent, whether as a lonely wolf or in a pack.

Our accessories don’t only look stunningly they are also completely sustainable. The sustainability of our products is not limited to our production process, which we design with carefully selected and certified social companies. CANISBERG rather sees itself as a lifestyle that tries to preserve the beautiful transience. This also applies to nature, which we will protect together with you. If you purchase only one single CANISBERG article, we will plant a tree for you in particularly vulnerable regions with our partners. Our products are thus not only for the wild, free life, but also for our own responsible protection to defend what deserves to be defended.